ProPublica and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Win National Magazine Award for Feature Writing

The Federal Government Is Finally Increasing Funding for Salmon Hatcheries. Tribes Say It’s Not Enough.

Columbia River salmon hatcheries need billions of dollars’ worth of upgrades to withstand climate change. They’re getting $50 million.

Three Newsroom Partners Join ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network

A Rare Statue of Buddha Fails to Sell at Auction as Questions Swirl Around a Renowned Art Collection

What happened may be a sign that objects from the collection of James and Marilynn Alsdorf will have trouble finding buyers following questions about how they were acquired. The piece from Nepal was once displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago.

A Scammer Tricked Instagram Into Banning Influencers With Millions of Followers. Then He Made Them Pay to Recover Their Accounts.

OBN, a mysterious fraudster, says he made hundreds of thousands of dollars by exploiting Instagram’s security gaps. He’s eluded Meta and law enforcement, but we followed his trail to Las Vegas.

How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them

Internal documents and former company executives reveal how Cigna doctors reject patients’ claims without opening their files. “We literally click and submit,” one former company doctor said.

EPA Asks for More Public Input on Asbestos After ProPublica and Others Reveal New Information

In an unusual move, the EPA opened a new public comment period on its proposed asbestos ban to get input regarding new information, including ProPublica findings that workers were “swimming” in the deadly substance.

ProPublica Wins Two Overseas Press Club Awards

Federal Study Calls U.S. Stillbirth Rate “Unacceptably High” and Recommends Action

A National Institutes of Health report decried stillbirths as a “major public health concern” and said the nation needed to do more to address the problem through research and prevention.

ProPublica and Partners Nominated for NIHCM Awards

Juveniles Locked Up for Life Will Get a Second Chance in New Mexico. But the State Must Locate Them First.

A new law will grant parole hearings for prisoners given life or long sentences as children. But our reporting showed that New Mexico officials weren’t aware of at least 21 “juvenile lifers” in the state’s custody.

A Chicago Suburb Stopped Ticketing Students. But It Won’t Stop Pursuing a 3-Year-Old Case Over Missing AirPods.

The city’s prosecution of a former student comes as the state considers a ban on ticketing students at school. The case is headed to a jury trial.

Mississippi Has Invested Millions of Dollars to Save Its Oysters. They’re Disappearing Anyway.

A string of disasters have decimated oyster populations, with far-reaching impacts on the health of the Mississippi Sound. The state’s yearslong efforts to restore the reefs have fallen short.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan Issues Sweeping Information Requests to Universities Researching Disinformation

In the letters, Jordan asserted that the schools may have contributed to the Biden administration’s “censorship regime by advising on so-called misinformation.”

DeSantis Privately Called for Google to Be “Broken Up”

In previously unreported videos from a closed-door Teneo Network conference, Florida's Republican governor takes his anti-big tech rhetoric beyond what he has said publicly.

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